New Painting


Questioning some of my life choices, I wondered if I was really meant to be an artist. Was this truly my destiny? Would life be easier, if I were living more within the lines of the norm?

Becoming lost in the painting was the cathartic escape I needed, but I soon ran low on paint. I decided to be grateful for the process but gave up and set my brush on the canvas in defeat. Hmm... My eyes widened, and I suddenly had a new perspective on giving up. The creative wheels starting turning, I snipped off the ends of my paint tubes, and the results were beautiful. My soul is all over this painting, and I am intrigued by the fact that the color palette matches the skies that soothed my spirit throughout the week.

The brush was a favorite, which I have been using for the last four years. Adhering it to the canvas created a painting as unique as my life. I finished the painting by further adorning the canvas with 78 Swarovski Elements crystals.


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