All Aboard

With two projects completed this week, I was in the mood for a little adventure. Determined to find something some inspiration, I picked up my Canon and walked out the door. I let intuition be my guide, which led me down an unfamiliar street and into new territory. The simple change-up in my walking routine immediately awakened my senses, and it wasn't long before I found myself at the old railroad depot.

I climbed inside a boxcar that was as abandoned as the railroad line that was once the heart of this old town. Its history was now lost in a pile of debris and broken windows, but I knew there was a story waiting to be told. As I looked a beyond the mess, I began to see textures everywhere. I slowly made my way from one end to the other, snapping photo after photo of those beautiful and compelling details.

Discovery perks us up... it's fuel for the body and mind. I've learned that there is always something new to see, even when we think we've seen every inch of where we are. We just need to remove our blinders and, when we do, we are taught that some of our most memorable adventures can be found without requiring us to purchase a ticket.





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