Gypsy Artist Series

My Gypsy Artist Series painting project began in 2008, when I showed a close friend a random collection of old license plates. I had been wanting to incorporate them into some sort of art but nothing had come together. As we began talking, I pulled out my personal collection of plates from over the years. These meant more to me, because they were tangible mementos of my personal journey. She immediately suggested that those were the plates I should paint, treating each one as its own individual canvas. A few weeks later, the series came to life.

 Original 6-plate Gypsy Artist Series

The original series was for sale for a short time but, in the end, this collection became a personal thumbprint of my life experiences that I decided was not for sale. I continued the series by adding my latest California plate to the collection. I wanted an even number of plates to hang, so it was kept separate from the series. Until now...

As I begin yet another new phase of life, I've decided that this latest plate will complete the collection... until I collect more plates and keep going.  Plate #8 is a special one, because I attached the only three tiny shards of glass that I saved from my life altering car accident in December of 2010.