My Art Featured on Recyclart

"Gypsy Artist Series"

I have created many original works of art that incorporate or repurpose personal or found objects, and a friend recently shared the link to a site she thought was right up my alley.  I also felt it was a good fit so contributed my information and images a little over a month ago.

The other day I checked my art site stats and was amazed by the number of hits that were coming from around the world. As I scanned my referring links, I was excited to see a Recylart on the list. I went to their site and, sure enough, my art had been featured... what a fun way to begin my day!

Check out the post by visiting You can also see images of my art on their main site which can easily be translated into English. Their goal is to feature innovative and creative projects that promote and inspire unique ways to RE-use, RE-cycle, and RE-duce everyday materials.  They have a user-friendly submission process, if you would like to contribute your own work.