New Painting

This was only the second time this year that I've had a strong desire to paint so, when I found myself inspired without a canvas, it was time to become resourceful.  After looking through my closets an idea finally came to me... Given my history of incorporating and/or painting on unique objects, it was a natural fit to use an empty wooden magnum wine box I had saved.  After all, what good is a box in a drawer when you've already enjoyed the wine that came with it. ;)

The title is named for the road where the grapes from the wine in the box were grown.  It is also an abstract expression that is meant to represent all of my road travels through wine country. 

 "Vineyard Drive"
5 1/4 x 19 x 5 1/4
Mixed media on wooden wine box
This painting is finished on all sides so
can sit on its own or hang by its wire

This rustic and earthy abstract is full of texture and unique hues
that beautifully capture my experience in wine country ~


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