The Birth of Luca Crash LaGiglia

I had a casual family and maternity shoot with friends back in June. That fun afternoon resulted in some great photos, so they asked if I'd be interested in photographing the birth of their son. As it turned out, I accepted a contract that would have me out of town for work in August. Not expecting to be around for his due date, I had to decline their offer. Fast forward to September 1st when my friend was at 41 weeks... and their beautiful, sweet son was born. I will always be grateful he entered the world a little late, because I honestly believe I was meant to be there that night.

After a normal and healthy home birth, my friend had a rare complication that resulted in a surprise and emotionally charged trip to the ER. After witnessing a birth for the first time only minutes before, I suddenly found myself switching from photographer and friend into a supportive role without warning... an experience that remains difficult to discuss without tearing up. Thankfully it became controlled chaos, as everyone somehow found the ability to remain calm in the face of an unexpected scare. In the end, it would be Kym's courage and strength, combined with the love and dedication of everyone involved, that would carry all of us through that long and emotional night.  

Although some images are too intimate to share publicly, these are my favorites taken just moments after Luca's birth.

Congratulations Dominic and Kymberly on your precious little Luca... I love you and am grateful for your friendship. 

"The Last Moment of Calm"
(Accurately and beautifully titled by Kymberly) 

Luca Crash LaGiglia
Born: 9/1/2014 | 1:33am | 7lbs 7oz | 19.5 inches

 Photos I took on my cell phone at the hospital:


 If we are lucky enough, we end up with a few good friends that we consider family. 
~ I love my role as Auntie Natalie Xo