Real Estate Photo Shoot

It's great when you can combine your talents within a single profession which is what happened this past week... I was offered my first property (a small condo) shoot for MLS purposes. I've done multiple property shoots in the past, but I was really excited about this opportunity given I just started my new career as a real estate broker.

My approach with this shoot was no different than any other... to create an accurate depiction of the subject matter combined with an editing style that brings each image to the next level.

This was a north facing unit which meant finding and creating light throughout the property... I was really pleased with the end result as was the fellow agent who was my client. This shoot involved teamwork and creative input from each us, making it a positive and rewarding experience. And best of all... the seller loves the images which is a great feeling, because I put my heart into everything I do.

View the Monaco Place shoot image gallery here