Nebraska State Capitol

I drove to NE on a whim to see dad, my 95-year-old grandma, and spend quality time with my mom. She and I had fun dining out, going through old family photos, and exploring Lincoln. My favorite outing was visiting the capitol, because I was a teenager the last time I was there. We then drove around my old stomping grounds from when I was a student at UNL... and we couldn't resist continuing the drive town memory lane to our old townhouse in Southwood. 

My parents bought this new when I was four years old. I lived there until I was 16.

1848 C Street was the first place I lived outside of family and the college dorms at UNL. It was a cute little 1-bedroom on the top floor. I loved it so much, and it's still a beautiful building. It has a door off the bedroom that allows you to stand on the landing of the fire escape which was like having a private balcony. Xo

I love lilacs... my mom stopped the car so that I could jump out and inhale them. :)