Writing has always been a passion. I excelled in my English courses which eventually led to a BA in Speech Communications. I've been a freelance writer and editor for others, but becoming an author was never something I considered as a possibility.

When my beloved cat Libbey died in 1997, I started my own pet sitting service to begin the healing process. Her loss also led to multiple creative endeavors, my career as an artist, and writing projects that were buried in a folder until they resurfaced into my life in 2015. When I read them, I knew it was time to finish what I started.

"Loving Libbey - The Greatest Day" shares the story of how Libbey came into my life in 1978 when I was 10 years old. I decided to self publish it, because its completion is a meaningful accomplishment related to my personal journey. My goal is to expand "Loving Libbey" into a series of short stories, and I plan to complete my other writing projects as well.

If you'd like to purchase an electronic version Loving Libbey - The Greatest Day, it's available for just $1.99 via Amazon Kindle as well as in PDF format via Paypal. Simply click on the format of choice below.

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