Friday, December 5, 2014

ABC's of Style Tour

The Simon Mall ABC's of Style Tour was my greatest challenge as a tour manager, but it was also the most rewarding. For the first time, I would be working with a fashion show and live music. This was a national program, and I was selected to manage the west coast portion of the tour. The intensity and demands of the schedule reminded me that I'm seasoned and talented tour manager who can rise to the occasion and make things happen, but I also learned a lot of new skills that have widened the scope of my abilities which was exciting.

Here's a partial photo journal and inside peek at what it was like to manage this incredible tour. Enjoy!

Flew from Denver to Texas for training and then headed west!

After years of driving all over the country, this was a first  for me... traveling through Texas with a view of Mexico

1st tour stop:  Arizona Mills Mall, Tempe, AZ


I had the pleasure of working with Echosmith for half of our tour stops... talented and wonderful family. Their hit  "Cool Kids" continued to climb the charts after the tour!

The next day was a road day... and my birthday :)

2nd tour stop: Colorado Mills Mall, Lakewood, CO

We didn't have a band in Colorado but we had fun!

3rd tour stop:  Great Mall of the Bay Area, Milpitas, CA

Once again, Echosmith drew a big crowd!

 4th tour stop:  Stoneridge Shopping Center, Pleasanton, CA 

How I stayed awake, and one of only four photos of me on the tour... I was a busy girl. ;)

Our last event with Echosmith who did not disappoint!

This event and the mall layout had me up without sleep for three days, but it was a huge success!

5th tour stop:  Brea Mall, Brea, CA 

Having a rare moment to relax, I took a selfie with the boys of Before You Exit.  Their fans are young and obsessed soit was no surprise their autograph line was the longest. On stage with the band, that experience can best be described as herding cats... and these boys loved every minute of it.  

 Our 6th and final event:  Del Amo Fashion Center, Torrance, CA

  DJ Lezlee... my favorite DJ of the tour

{Rixton's sound check}

This was their only stop on the tour, so it was a privilege to have Rixton perform for us. In the height of their Me and My Broken Heart single success, this event had the highest level of security and formality, but I introduced myself to them after sound check and they were gracious.

Jake & Charley's guitars

The label rep recognized my hard work so let mesneak in once the fan line was finished... this was 
a perfect way to end the tour.  Happy girl! 

I've never worked so hard in my life but it was worth it... what an amazing experience.  I made
a lot of friends on the tour... and at Starbucks. 

 At the end of our final event, I was exhausted but in the mood to toast everyone and everything that went into the success  of the tour. The only place open near my hotel was am|pm. I maybe a wine girl, but this ice cold Blue Moon hit the spot... and then I was out like a light until my flight back to Denver.  

Colorado gave me a stunning welcome home Xoxo

 Please contact me if you're in need of an event manager/producer, project manager, or photographer.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Birth of Luca Crash LaGiglia

I had a casual family and maternity shoot with friends back in June. That fun afternoon resulted in some great photos, so they asked if I'd be interested in photographing the birth of their son. As it turned out, I accepted a contract that would have me out of town for work in August.  Not expecting to be around when he was due, I had to decline their offer. Fast forward to September 1st when my friend was at 41 weeks... and their beautiful, sweet son was born. I will always be grateful he entered the world a little late, because I honestly believe I was meant to be there that night.

After a normal and healthy home birth, my friend had a rare complication that resulted in a surprise and emotionally charged trip to the ER. After witnessing a birth for the first time only minutes before, I suddenly found myself switching from photographer and friend into a supportive role without warning... an experience that remains difficult to discuss without tearing up. Thankfully it became controlled chaos, as everyone somehow found the ability to remain calm in the face of an unexpected scare.  In the end, it would be Kym's courage and strength, combined with the love and dedication of everyone involved, that would carry all of us through that long and emotional night.  

Although some images are too intimate to share publicly, these are my favorites taken just moments after Luca's birth.

Congratulations Dominic and Kymberly on your precious little Luca... I love you and am grateful for your friendship. 

"The Last Moment of Calm"
(Accurately and beautifully titled by Kymberly) 

Luca Crash LaGiglia
Born: 9/1/2014 | 1:33am | 7lbs 7oz | 19.5 inches

 Photos I took on my cell phone at the hospital:


 If we are lucky enough, we end up with a few good friends that we consider family. 
~ I love my role as Auntie Natalie Xo