Artist Bio

My first abstract painting was created using acrylic paints and brushes I happened to have on hand. With the only light in the kitchen coming from the range hood, I can still remember those first brush strokes on a small piece of card stock as I stood alone over the glass stove top at 4am. It was an unexpected release after struggling to cope with death of my beloved tabby cat, Libbey, who had been the one constant in my life since I was 10 years old. She was only five weeks old when she chose me and would remain my best friend for nineteen years. That first painting grew into a collection of abstract paintings on canvas and mixed media works that eventually led to my first solo art show. I didn't realize it at the time, but that early morning alone in a dark kitchen marked the beginning of a long and winding healing journey. Although I haven't been actively painting for several years, I wouldn't be who I am today without the unexpected detour of becoming an artist.

As I continued to explore my artistry, each new painting proved to be a personal expression that created a need to reconnect with myself, my past, and my roots. This led me back to the rural Midwest, where I saw the beauty of the landscape for the first time. I took photos and ultimately developed an art process that incorporated some of those images into original mixed media paintings. From there, I continued to create a growing database of photos while creating new works as a painter. I would describe myself as an abstract painter who experiments with unique mediums and combinations that evolve into something rustic and rich in texture. I'm also known for incorporating repurposed objects and/or Swarovski crystals into my paintings. 
I continue to work as a freelance photographer and, even if I never paint again, I will always consider myself to be an artist.

2013 - Repurposed fashion cork rings featured on
2011 - Green Cube House/Parade of Homes, Featured Artist, Denver, CO
2011 - Repurposed abstract art featured on
2010 - Featured on
2010 - Brooklyn Art Library, Self-Portrait Exhibit, Brooklyn, NY
 Self Portrait
  2009 - Vain Salon, Solo Show, Denver, CO
2008 - Art House Co-op, Exhibit Artist, Atlanta, GA
2007 - Apartment 19 Salon, 2nd Saturday Artist, Sacramento, CA
2005/6/7 - Urban Fitness, Solo Show & Featured Artist, Sacramento, CA
2006 - 9th Annual Coldwell Banker Fine Art Exhibit, Sacramento, CA
2006 - Transmissions Gallery, Berkeley, CA
2005 - Infusion Cafe, 2nd Saturday Artist, Sacramento, CA
2005 - Starbucks, Featured Artist, Sacramento, CA
2005 - Phoenix Gallery, 2nd Saturday Artist, Sacramento, CA
2004 - Republic Plaza Arts Festival, Denver, CO
2004 - Core Gallery, Juried Exhibit, Honorable Mention, Denver, CO
2003/4 - MAC, Exhibit Artist, Mesa, AZ
2003 - Starbucks, Featured Artist, Mesa, AZ
2002 - Xanadu Gallery, Solo Show, Scottsdale, AZ
2002 - New Earth Gallery, Solo Show, Fairbury, NE
2001/2 - ArtOne Gallery, Local Artist, Scottsdale, AZ


Blessings in Disguise
2016 - "Blessings in Disguise," The Denver Mask Project, The Denver Hospice, Denver, CO
 2015 - "Celebration" original painting, Dine & D'art, ArtReach Denver, Denver, CO
2015 - "Night at the Derby" Auction benefiting MSD, Denver, CO

True North
2014 - "True North," The Denver Mask Project, The Denver Hospice, Denver, CO

Dine & D'art
2014 - "Destiny," Dine & D'art, ArtReach Denver, Denver, CO

Nailed to the Wall
2013 - "Nailed to the Wall," Dine & D'art, ArtReach Denver, Denver, CO
2010 - Contributing Photographer, Images Without Borders
2009 - "Homemade Sunshine" signed print for The Conflict Center Art Auction, Denver, CO 
2008 - "Imagine," The Special E Fundraiser Paint Can Project, Ritz Carlton, Denver, CO
2006 - Coldwell Banker Art Exhibit, Sacramento, CA (limited edition print)
2006 - "An Evening with Oscar," Capital City Aids Fund, Sacramento, CA (original art)
2005 - "Happy Hour," Northern California WTC Fundraiser, Sacramento, CA

A sampling of my original works over the years: 

Spring SnowBlue By You

AutumnAugust Moon

Vineyard DriveA Walk in Madrid


Finding ZenHarvest

SpellboundUrban Landscape


Letting Go

Swept Away



Vintage Window Experiment

Deep Within My HeartIgnite


Modern Redwood


EquilibriumMidnight Sun


Hidden TreasuresFirst Calm





 Ocean Blue

Where There's Smoke

Love Washes OverWindfall