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Big Thompson Flood: A Personal Recollection

Update: In 2016, I attended the 40th anniversary memorial event with my dad. View photos

Many have asked to view the full transcript of my dad's recording that details his personal experience in the Big Thompson Flood of 1976. He and I are happy to share his story, so here it is in its entirety. This transcript (or any portion of it) may not be used or copied without permission... email me with questions or requests. Thanks!

Note: The flood happened July 31, 1976, and my dad bottled up his emotions until the 30th anniversary. It was then that I asked him if he would share his experience in a recording. I felt it would begin the healing process for him and also help me to understand what he went through that fateful day. Telling his story for the first time was an exhausting, raw, and emotional process. That said, I felt it was important to transcribe the recording exactly as it was spoken.        Transcribed by Natalie Starnes from audiotape recorded July 2006 by 1976 Big Thompson…

Thank you

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