Below is a list of current services. If you have any questions prior to purchasing a session, please feel free to email me. 


I begin each session by doing an energetic body scan of the recipient using a Reiki proxy to help determine energy blockages, chakra imbalances, and/or weaknesses in the biofield. I then do a full Reiki session on the proxy, sending the energy to the intended recipient. After the session has concluded, I will send a follow-up email noting any insights.

When purchasing a session, you agree that you have read the disclaimer on this site.

Distance Reiki Session for First-time Clients - $80

Includes account set-up, two 10-minute consultations, and 30 minutes of Reiki. For your first session, you have the option to include chakra crystal grid under the table or a single card oracle reading. If you're interested in a distance Reiki session with chakra healing or an oracle reading in the future, please purchase those from the main services list.

Session Options

Distance Reiki Top-up Session for Established Clients - $60

One 10-minute consultation (if desired) and 30 minutes of Reiki

Distance Reiki Session with Chakra Balancing - $80

This session includes 30 minutes of Reiki and the addition of chakra balancing using crystals and a pendulum. Prior to channeling Reiki, I will place crystals on each of the chakra centers and/or arrange the crystals on a grid that will be placed below the table of the surrogate. After the full Reiki session, I will use the pendulum on each chakra and continue to channel Reiki energy as needed until the pendulum indicates the energy of each chakra is flowing freely. This session lasts approximately 45-60 minutes.

Distance Reiki Session with Intuitive Oracle Reading - $80

This sessions includes 30 minutes of Reiki and the addition of an intuitive oracle card reading. For the reading, I tap into my intuition, the energies surrounding the Reiki session, and the client's stated intention. I then call upon my spirit guides to assist me with pulling 1-2 cards. An image of the reading, along with the meanings related to each card pulled, will be provided in the session follow-up email. 

Distance Reiki Quickie Connection Session - $20

Many of us are living with increased levels of isolation as we work from home and engage in social distancing, so I created this session as a way to connect through a pure and simple transfer of Reiki energy. During your scheduled session, simply close your eyes and open yourself up to receiving 15 minutes of Reiki's healing energy. Please note that this session does not include a proxy. No established account is required.

Customized Reiki Chi Ball - $35

A customized Reiki Chi ball is an energy ball that I fill with Reiki energy and symbols, affirmations, positive thoughts, specific colors, etc. Once created, it's released into the universe until called upon and claimed by the recipient. These can be remarkably effective and are a convenient option for those who prefer not to schedule a session. Once you complete your purchase, I will connect with you to determine what you would like me to include in your Reiki Chi ball. When it's ready, you will received an email along with instructions on how to claim it. No established account is required.


Animal Reiki uses the same Reiki techniques and principles in a way that's tailored to your beloved furry family members. Animals are more sensitive to energy so, even with distance Reiki, the length of these sessions are shorter than sessions with people. For pets, I find that cats are the most responsive, but energy healing has the capacity to work on all types of animals with positive results. After purchasing a session for your pet, I'll connect to request your specific concerns as well as the pet's name, breed, and a photo. As I set my intentions for the session, I will also mentally seek permission from the recipient, so having that detailed information is helpful in establishing the connection. 

Distance Animal Reiki Session for First-time Clients - $65

Includes client account set-up, two 10-minute consultations, and 15-25 minutes of Reiki

Distance Animal Reiki Top-up Session for Established Clients - $45

One 10-minute consultation (if desired) and 15-25 minutes of Reiki


Give your space a fresh start by balancing the energy in your home or office with Reiki healing energy. This energetic reset is especially helpful after a deep clean or de-cluttering, a move to a new location, the completion of a remodeling project, changing occupants in your home or rental, the birth of a child, bringing home a new pet, or anytime the energy in your space feels like it could use a boost.

Distance Reiki Space Clearing Session - $60

Once you complete your purchase, I will connect to request some details on the space, general location, etc. When the details are finalized, I will complete the clearing within 24 hours. During this session, I will use a combination of intention, Reiki symbols, and sage that will help bring the highest level of positive energy possible to your environment. No established account is required.


 You've decided on an individual or pet Reiki session... now what?

After your purchase, I'll connect via email to schedule a time and date for your session. Prior to your session, I ask that you email a photo of the recipient (you or your pet), their age, and general location. These details help me connect with the recipient but aren't required. If you're a new client purchasing a session that needs an account, you'll receive a simple intake form. Sessions with qualifying consultations are offered via Skype or Zoom. If you'd prefer not to use one of these methods, consultations can be done entirely through email. These exchanges allow me to gain a better understanding of your individual needs, set your intention for the session, and answer any questions you may have.

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