The Green Cube House, Part Deux

Prior to the grand opening gala, I drove down to view the placement of my art and ensure that the art placards matched up with the correct pieces.

Even with only a few hours before the public reveal... designers, party planners, electricians and contractors were sweating out the final details on this hot summer afternoon. Was it worth the effort and chaos? Absolutely. This LEED certified modern beauty is stunning.

I was asked to arrive at 4:30pm. Traveling from Highlands Ranch, I found myself there a little early and then learned that it would be 5pm before the art cards would be arriving. Always looking to take advantage of expanding my commercial photography catalog, I was gracious about the delay and off for a self-guided tour. Based on what I saw, I am more excited than ever for the art show that will be held at the house, located at 3310 Shoshone, on August 19th. If you're in the Denver area, please consider joining me. If you can't make it, Green Cube is also part of The Parade of Homes. Either way, seeing this house in person is something I highly recommend.



"Midnight Sun" and "Departure"

"Nailed To The Wall" and "Windfall"


"Overlay" and "Destiny"