New Painting

"Deep Within My Heart"
Acrylic on Canvas with Swarovski Crystals

Other than the carefully selected color palette, I had no agenda for this painting. Simply using memories of Puck, my emotions transformed the canvas into a work of art that is both abstract and literal with its message. In the end, there is whimsy and a somewhat childlike quality that showcase his life better than anything I might have imagined.

This lively yet subtle painting is protected with a low lustre finish and has been adorned with 14 Swarovski Elements crystals.  Each crystal represents one of his 14 years... To view the texture and finer details, click on the image and expand the size. 

Puck was my heart, and I'm grateful that his presence was undeniable throughout this process.  He taught me that life brings amazing gifts... My we all take the time to notice and appreciate each and every one of them.