The Bookmobile and a Finished Short Story

The Bookmobile is one of my happy childhood memories. I remember how it felt to watch it roll into the neighborhood community center parking lot at the bottom of the hill. Even though those memories are forty years old, I can still see and smell the inside of the bus as if it were yesterday. Books brought me joy and, whether they were my own or from a library, some of my favorites growing up include Little Bunny Follows His Nose, The Little Prince, The Velveteen Rabbit, Winnie-the-Pooh, The Calculating Cat Returns, Charlotte's Web, The Halloween Tree, When The Tripods Came, and my absolute favorite: A Wrinkle in Time. Despite only being in grade school, my love of reading even inspired me and a friend to open our own book share library for our neighborhood school friends.  
As an adult, my love of books remains a constant reminder that reading ignites our imaginations and, depending on the books selected, is one of the best tools to assist us in personal growth and the advancement of our own evolution.

One of the self-help books I read recently helped me narrow the focus of my passions. To my surprise, one of things that came out of that process was my desire to write. I was encouraged by several teachers in college to continue writing, but my lack of confidence closed the door on that dream. Thankfully, my a perspective nudged me to revisit and finish a short story that I started nearly two decades ago. I can proudly say that the sense of accomplishment that came from completing it means as much as the content itself. While it's only a short story, it represents an extension of myself that holds great meaning. 

The target audience for this short story, which I'm considering making a series, is for young readers but is a heartwarming read that has the capacity to appeal to all ages. It's the story of bringing my first pet home.  

Do you have a secret passion that you didn't actively pursue? If so, would you choose to revisit it if you came to realize it was still close to your heart after nearly two decades? Feel free to share your comments and experiences below! 

"Loving Libbey - The Greatest Day" is available at the Kindle Store on Amazon for just $1.99. Thank you... Enjoy! Xo

Belle (also features in the story), me, and Libbey in 1979