The Mask Project

Blessing in Disguise

UPDATE: The online auction is officially closed... a huge THANK YOU to the winning bidder! 

It was an honor to receive an invitation to participate in The Denver Mask Project for a second time. Although the painting style of this mask is a departure from the previous one, I've continued the theme of added Swarovski Elements crystals. The number of crystals I choose for any given painting is always purposeful, thus creating a deeper layer of meaning... 13 light catching crystals adorn this painted mask.

"Blessing in Disguise" is about any given upheaval that takes place in our lives. Although stressful, these events along our journey are usually for karmic reasons that will ultimately lead to opportunities allowing for spiritual growth. Even if it's difficult to see at the time, these experiences are actually meant to move us forward in a way that is in accordance with our divine life purpose. That said, we must remain open and adapt to these changes gracefully and with optimism.

This mask symbolizes traditions, inner wisdom and intuition, hard work, expansion and growth, trust and gratitude, progress, fulfillment, and attainment.

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