My New Essential Oil Blend

Although essential oils are a natural fit for a Reiki practitioner, I honestly never thought I'd go down that path. Thankfully, that viewpoint changed in 2022. I now use essential oils in a diffuser, make my own smokeless sage spiritual spray along with other specialty sprays, but my favorite way to use essential oils is with carrier oils. 

After studying essential oils, I decided to research oils considered beneficial for the venous issues I've dealt with since my teens. I wasn't looking for a miracle blend to make my legs visually perfect. Now in my 50s, my goal was simply to find relief from common symptoms I've dealt with including tired legs, burning and itching from burst capillaries, edema, and leg cramps. Experimenting with various ratios, I ultimately settled on eight essential oils in a carrier blend of sweet almond and jojoba oils. Applying it 2x daily, I soon discovered that my legs were happier than they'd been in a long time. I've since shared this formula with family and clients. Although it was originally created for legs, it's also bringing relief to those who suffer from arthritic joints, fibromyalgia, sore muscles, and is also considered an excellent oil for massage. Originally created for personal use, it brings me joy knowing that I've created a multipurpose blend that can bring relief to a variety of conditions.

Essential 8 Relief is a soothing blend formulated to improve circulation and provide relief from venous issues, aches and pains, cellulite, and more. It's made to order using only the highest quality oils. As a Reiki Master, each bottle is also infused with Reiki energy. I don't accept returns but do offer free shipping. This blend is currently only available for orders shipped within the continental US. 

$35 - 60ml

Ingredients: 3% dilution of cypress, lavender, atlas cedarwood, blood orange, eucalyptus, geranium, sage, and rosemary essential oils in a blend of jojoba and sweet almond oils.

Note: This blend has been used with success on myself, family, friends, and clients, but each person reacts differently to essential oils. Always perform a small skin patch test before use and discontinue if reaction or irritation occurs. If you have a medical condition, are taking medication, or are undergoing any type of medical treatment, check with your health care provider before use. Not intended for use on animals or children. 

All orders include a helpful insert that shares tips and instructions for application.

Questions? Feel free to contact me via email.