My Story

I'm a Usui Reiki practitioner specializing in distance healing, chakra balancing, pendulum dowsing, and space clearings. I also have certification in Animal and Crystal Reiki. Aside from my spiritual practice, I'm a photographer and artist and hold a BA in Communications with more than 15 years of experience working as an independent events manager, designer, desktop publisher, and editor.
Despite my eclectic background, I've consistently been a sensitive and intuitive person all my life. That part of my personality led to a natural interest in alternative and complementary therapies over the years, but it was through Reiki that I learned how everything I've been through was connected which allowed me to better understand myself. That level of healing and awareness transformed my life, but it also felt like a calling which is why Reiki has become one of my greatest passions.
I believe that we never find ourselves anywhere by accident. Whether directly or through chaotic twists and turns, life ​has a way of taking us exactly where we need to be. Healing is often a complicated journey that involves challenges, but there is meaning in every experience, and it's those soul searching times that often lead to the greatest gifts and opportunities for personal growth and healing. My goal is to help others experience the benefits of Reiki and gain insight and guidance as they travel down their own healing path. However you were led here, I'm grateful to have made this connection with you. 
Warm Regards,
Natalie 🤍